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Tell your brand stories via visually eye-catching and attractive UI design to draw out a conversion-driven response. Equip your offerings with best in class website design and development services creating a brand identity. Being a website design company, we at Madly Web Technology move beyond just the visual aspects of your product and care more about the way people engage with design to redefine their experience.

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User interaction drives conversion and conversion drives your revenue. We know your product and try putting in our viewpoint to it that mixes the design, latest technology, and usability. Offering minimalist website design solutions that match trends of today and technology of tomorrow. Creating a design that enhances app stickiness and user retention is the formula of successful user experience.

We are a renowned Website Design Company in Noida who keeps design sleek, bare minimum and try topping it up with essential brand elements. Following a user-centric approach to design, the design decisions are guided by how user interacts with your website or app. Our design fundamentals for making the best minimal UI design lies in wire framing a screen-by-screen blueprint. The simplicity in wireframe display the holistic product picture equipped with all the features and functional elements that the user communicates with. Our UI/UX relies on keeping the interface self-explanatory overcoming the technical complexity for ease of use.

The design philosophy of any UI UX design company depends on making a prototype-based interface that lifts up the brand persona. Our UI designers at Website Design Company in Noida play a vital role to style the product straight from font colours, design theme and packaging it as per the most recent design convention to keep it sleek, stylish and yet engaging.

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Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

What Is A Web Design Company?

A web design company is broken up into four separate departments:

  • Design Department- deals with the sites layouts and graphics

  • Development Department- in charge of programming the site

  • Marketing Department- looks after the sites content, in addition to, business goals and any analysis that might be needed

  • IT Department- which deals with the webpage’s hosting

In essence, a web development company like Madly Web Technology, the best Website Design Company in Noida works with its client and design team to offer back-to-back app development and website creation services. If you plan to partner with a web development company to build your website or app, ensure you look at aspects like their experience, past work, capabilities, pricing and process workflow.

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Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

How Much Do Web Design Companies Charge For Their Services?

Several factors are there that can influence the charges of website design company:

  • It is smart to think about the wealth of experience one brings to a project when putting together website costs. The cost variance depends on factors largely like certifications and experience level. The more specialized and sophisticated a company’s skills are, the more clients will be eager to pay. As the experience and skills improve, the company can adjust the rates accordingly.
  • The type of websites the company designs can influence the pricing. For instance, a lot less work goes into making a personal website than building a business website, like an enterprise-level ecommerce platform. Certain features and functionalities, such as shopping cart functions and integrated payment systems, simply take more time to create and implement. Moreover, the type of clients who are looking for custom-built, intricate websites typically have larger budgets. Certainly, the company also wants to think about the skills and the kind of work one can do for a client. If a company is just starting out and can only put together the bare essentials, this will affect how much they can charge.
  • The scope of a project plays a key role in web design pricing. If a company is designing a custom website from scratch, they can charge significantly more than if they are just updating an existing one. It is also essential to keep in mind that some clients may suggest changes that increase the scope of a project gradually.
  • The type of websites that Website Design Company in Noida designs is the niche one specializes in. Certain industries have clients who tend to be on a budget. For instance, the personal finance niche is expected to consist of clients who are focused on saving money mostly and getting the most excellent deals. This can make it hard to land a lot of customers with remarkably high rates. It might be smart to start out in smaller niches where the company would not face much competition and can stand out easily. This may also make it easier to find work through word-of-mouth marketing. But, if the pay rates are low, the company can consider moving on once they have built up some experience that they can leverage.

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Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.



A designing interface adds value to your offering creates a brand out of your product. Our services move beyond the usual graphics, colour combinations, and display to tell the story of each element that blends with the other, offering a rich user experience. This contributes to extending your brand virtually to speak what business stands for.



Key to superior UX/UI design solution is in its wireframing. Breeding a team of knowledgeable designers, we do core wireframing that endorses smooth user experience. Our expert UX designers at Website Design Company in Noida make a pattern library to use in building features. Providing a fast way to articulate the position of elements and user workflow in pages, building features, and app components.


Product Research & Strategy

Our UX/UI development services implementing and researching current UX/UI trends and comparing market competitors to define a variety of UI styles. Our product research and tactic involve picking up ideas that are ideal in business while design strategy is backed by numbers. We entrust ourselves to match global standards and writing a new success story.

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